(A) Tilted Halo Recruiting!

Tilted Halo has started recruiting for the end of Cataclysm and the fast approaching MOP expansion.

Who we are
We are a group of mostly real life friends that come from past guilds on this server such as Just Wipe It and Relinquished Life. A few of us have been in different guilds through this expansion and decided to get back together and just have fun with a relaxed raid schedule.

What we are
We are and plan to stay a casual raiding guild that raids 2 nights a week. Days and times are yet to be determined. " We plan to have all members get together and we will talk about what 2 days work best for Everyone " Gear isn't a big issue as the expansion is just around the corner and we will all be leveling and gearing up together soon enough.

What we are looking for
You...We have opened up recruitment for all classes just to get some more numbers heading into the expansion. We are going to stay a 10 man raid guild and look forward to you stopping by our website or please feel free to contact any of the following ingame

Stitchezz , Kwaria , Dekarzero or Khujo

visit us @ tiltedhalo.dkpsystem.com

Could really use 1 more healer and 1 more Melee dps
Looking for another healer and some Melee :P
Still in need of a healer currently!
Looking for more :)
Still need a couple melee and 1 more ranged healer/dps os

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