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Emerald Dream
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Horde - Roleplay - Player Versus Player
Emerald Dream, US

Who We Are

We are the Phoenix Highguard, a heavy roleplaying guild focused primarily on Blood Elf interests, but since have extended our diplomacy to the other races of the Horde.

What We Do

As stated, we are deep into lore and roleplay. We teach those new to roleplay, host events, ally with other guilds to further goals, and a lot of our roleplay is based on world PVP. Though we are willing to teach classes and specs, players must have a minimal understanding of what it is they play, as, as an 85, enabling PVP is a requirement. As well, we are looking to establish an additional arenas team, and are helping people gear for player versus player content.

Though our focus is PVP, we do have an interest in forming a PVE team, and are looking for a core for Mists of Pandaria raid content.

For fun, we run legacy raids for transmog gear each week as well.

Some of our events, which are open to the public, include Hour of Transcendence every Monday night at the Blood Knight Pavillion in Eversong, Fortune's Favor every Wednesday night in Wayfarer's Rest in Silvermoon City, and Highguard Trials, a test of the strength and cunning of Highguard members, every Friday night. We also conduct a lore lesson every first Saturday of the month at Stillwhisper Pond in Eversong, and with every new member comes more events.

After less than three months, thanks to the dedication of loving members, are are level 25 and have every perk available (even heirloom pants!). For those who love a good roleplay, love to write and create, but also love the game and have viciousness to bring to the battlefield, we cordially invite you.

Who We Seek

The Phoenix Highguard is a name that will represent quality in the Emerald Dream server, and want nothing more than as many people to be a part of that as possible. We are seeking any player, any race, any level, but a simple base knowledge of lore is a minimal requirement. Below are links to cheat some knowledge.

Wowpedia - http://www.wowpedia.org/Portal:Main
Wowwiki - http://www.wowwiki.com/Portal:Main

How to Join

As we are a roleplaying guild, members must be met in character for an in character interview. As well, our Guild Launch website acts as an archive for our members, and all are encouraged to apply as new developments are posted there frequently. To begin, send a whisper or letter to myself or my lieutenants, and state your interest and availability; in addition, apply to the Guild Launch website, posted below. It also helps to send an in game mail if one desires a written message archive.

Phoenix Highguard @ Guild Launch - http://phoenixhighguard.guildlaunch.com/

Contact Us

Lilliam - High Commander (GM)
Liniadel - Lieutenant (2nd in Command)
Iudith - Lieutenants (Relations and Recruitment Officer)
Silane - Lieutenant
Lurlei - Lieutenant
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