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Emerald Dream
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((Bump for a great blood elf guild~))
Amazingly kind and patient people. You guys deserve all the love you can get! :)
Favorite guild. Gave me a reason to keep playing. Great people here. Love you all!
((Bumpin this thread up! Wonderful guild, great people, great roleplay!))
((I take my threads with one bump, no cream.))
Reported for awesomesauce spill on isle 3.
Tiombi referred me to apply with you guys, but I want to write a good application out and I'm way too strapped for time to do that. Expect me in the near future, though.
((This thread appears in dire need of a certain bump.))
Woah, down to page 2? Not on my watch. :>
((Om nom nom bumpage!))
Grahaha! You lot missed out on a hell of a dwarf-killing! Should've SEEN the blood rain!
((Front page is edited with our events and updated information.

We are now almost strictly PVP so put your conquest gear on and let's break some heads!))
I'm looking for a great home for my blood elf paladin. I do have a backstory for him.

PST me in game or add me mstovie#1482 for info

11/30/2012 10:45 AMPosted by Caidori

Just take him out on a man-date and go get a beer with the guy and holler at the ladies.
11/30/2012 10:59 AMPosted by Dotwizzix
Just take him out on a man-date and go get a beer with the guy and holler at the ladies.

Only if he leaves his animals at the stable. I'm allergic to pet dander.
((Another bump for the Highguard.

Also have Hour of Transcendence coming up tomorrow, so those who want to bask in the Light's grace, that's tomorrow evening at 10:00 PM server!))
((Bumpy bump, bumpy bump, bumpy bump bump bump!~))
((Not on the first page? Not if I can help it! *le bumps*))
Good luck with your guild!

May it grow large and live long!
((Bump for a good group of people. <3))

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