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Emerald Dream
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Anytime you folks are having an event let me know I would be more then willing to partake and had what I can. I have found myself drowning in recruiting at the moment though, would love to take a break from that for a little bit and rp.
((Christmas bump!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah/Whatever-the-hell you may celebrate during this month.))
I like the style of this guild, they bring the sexy for being non-Orcs, they be votive offerings for the love god if they were Orcs.
I'm tryin to get into this guild
((This thread's awful lonely way back here... maybe if I give it a bump as a friend, it'll be happier.))
(( Bumping because I want to show Pent up. ))
((Bumpity bump bumping that blood elf butt!))
the amount of RP in this guild is too damn high.
((Woop Woop look at me I can post now!

There's been a few changes that clash with our first post, and I'm tryina get Lilly to change it, but w/e, I'll just update it here in hopes people see it.

Greenflagging is no longer a requirement for level capped characters, but level 90's are still expected to react to defense calls unless told so otherwise.

Hour of Transcendence is no longer a Highguard event, but a Guardians of the Dawn event. It's still in the same place at the same time, so I still highly recommend everyone go to it! It's a really creative and neat event that creates lots of options for discussion about belf-y things.

There are changes to our officer core as well. Iudith, Lurlei, and Silane are no longer officers, and our new recruitment officer is now Tanillivan. So if you have any questions/are looking to join, whisper either myself or Tanillivan in game.

That's all the changes I see, so whatever! Have a bump.))
((Right-o lad-o's, time for another bump-o))
((Time to show Pent up. I'm takin' yer jerb.

Reminder that tonight is the Hour of Transcendence event, 10pm server time at the Blood Knight Pavillion, hosted by Iudith of the Guardians of the Dawn. Show up, eat some food, listen to some neat poetry, talk about belf crap....yeah! It's fun!))
((Casually bumping. Again. Don't mind me))
((And thus, Pentarus said, "Let there be bumps." And then there was bumps.))
As the blood elven master race, how do you feel about kael'thas?
More importantly, how do you feel up Kael'thas?
I feel up Kael'thas with my face tentacles.
((Hey if someone finds that crazy priest who stole my soul in stormwind today, tell her I kind of need that back because I need to pretend to be a good person or something.

Plus I only wanted a drink :'( ))
((Liniadel, sweet Liniadel.

Let's make out sometime.

Call me.))
((Alliance scuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum. You'll get nothing and like it.))

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