[H-RP-PVP] Phoenix Highguard US Emerald Dream

Emerald Dream
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((Such a tease! Gimme a taste of that sweet sweet mango, baby!))
If I wasn't so loyal to my guild, I'd pick these guys!

BTW there is a guild named "Phoenix Guard" on Argent Dawn EU =o!
(( @Vidrago: Alliance scuuuuuuuuuuum. All you're gonna get is a taste of my sword in your face.

@Gilaras: Haha, thanks! And that sounds like a pretty awesome guild, but not as awesome as my alt guild, the phoenix parkguard.))
((Talk dirty moooore to me Miss Liniadel!))
(( http://i.imgur.com/leaijOI.png ))
((Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah. Yeah-yeah-yeah-ya. Ya. Ya-yeah. Bump.))
((I dont have anything important to announce on this bump. Other than stealing Pent's job while he snoozes.))
((Sssssssssssssomeone's slacking. Anyways. Happy Valentine's day and !@#$. idefk. I just bought 10 dollars worth of baked goods at a domestic abuse bake sale so yknow, I got /my/ date planned for tonight.))
((Bumping this up before I forget. Again. Woohoo.))
((Bumping this again, with a reminder that Watha's Bar Night is also tonight. Just sayin'.))
((Lalalalala Bump with a reminder that Ravenhul's party thing is tonight. Hope to see some Highguard there.))
((Yawn. Here's another bump for things before Lini takes my damn job again.))
((Bumpanman. Tonight is also Fortune's Favor hosted by the Starbreaker twins, so if you want to get your fortune told, hang on, or just enjoy the scene, Wayfarer's is the place to be at 8:00 PM server time.))
((Just got back from class, guess that means it's time to bump.))
((And thus, Pentarus demanded a bump, for not doing so would involve a certain Blood Elf then stealing his job from him.))
((Lalala bumping. Grats to Muhara for becoming the Highguard's new champion today!))
((Okay okay, FINE, I'll bump the thread. Maybe I'll do a jaunty tune later.))
((I know we have an event today but I can't remember and I'm too lazy too look. So blah blah shameless plug for the "Hour of Transcendence" event hosted by Guardians of the Dawn. 10pm Server time, at the Blood Knight pavilion, as always! ))
((Gonna bump this real quick while I have the opportunity to~))

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