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Emerald Dream
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((Bumping this up again. Hope everyone's night is going well.))
((Bumping things. I... don't think there's anything of importance tonight? Everyone should be on for free RP things, so there's THAT I suppose.))
((Bump with a reminder of Watha's Bar Night tonight. Get drunk, laugh at Orcs, all that jazz.))
((Wooooow, we have nothing going on today. Oh well. Here's a bump.))
(( I've spent weeks looking for a Horde RP guild that is still active and still focused on RP. You'll be hearing from me! ))
((Here's a quick bump before the patch strikes and we all complain when maintenance goes past 11:00 and into 3:00 or 6:00. Woooo 5.2!))
((Have another bump. Hope everyone is enjoying the direhorns and stuff, because I certainly am!))
((Just bumping this up, don't mind me.))
((Once more, unto the bump we shall ride.))
((re-bump. Maybe next time I'll just sing Bohemian Rhapsody and replace every verb with bump))
((Right, guess I'll just casually throw this back on the front page. Go me!))
( Ooo, sweet. An RP guild I recognize that's still around! )
Bump :)
Good god, it has been a long time...
Good god, it has been a long time...

Old thread is old.


I understand you want to be all nostalgic and stuff, but really, no reason to break forum rules and necro a dead thread.

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