Looking for Interest Glory FL Raider and H FL

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This is a post just looking for people interested in Glory of the Fire Lands Raider, it being a cross realm raid this is why the post is here.

While this will not be set out as a elitist raid, it will require the ability to do what is needed.

Currently looking for decently geared people with at least with a few FL clears and few heroic bosses. Ilvl pref 390+. Currently have no one one the Cinders or the 1st part of the Legend Staff quest, if you would like this be sure to get in contact with me.

Looking at running on a Saturday Night depending on what people are keen for, will be after 8pm server time gmt+10 - spending a minimum of 2 max of 3 hours a night with a few breaks in between.

We are looking for people to commit for the duration, no time wasters please!

Roles we are looking for at the moment:

Tank x 1

Healers x 2 to 3

Dps x 3 pref range but not limited too.

If you are keen to participate and/or after more infomation please get in contact with me Via real id make sure you leave a msg when you request it regarding to this run.

Real ID - bcfreeman777@optusnet.com.au

Maf / Dath'Remar - for in game mail.

Cheers :D

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