Advent: Recruitment

Burning Legion
Advent is recruiting for Mists of Pandaria. We will be raiding 25s. If you are interested and meet the following criteria please contact an in game officer (Warrof or Bayda) or apply online at We are looking for raiders with perfect/near-perfect attendance, who know their class, research encounters ahead of time, and are always ready with the appropriate consumables, etc.

Our raid schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday @ 8:00 PM server time until 12:00. Invites are sent at 7:30.

All are welcome to apply.

To apply, please visit or send an in game tell to Warrof or Bayda.

There are a few things we require of applicants:

1) Understand that we will take your raiding experience into account.
2) You need to have ventrilo and a working microphone.
3) If you know that you cannot attend our raids, don't bother applying (recurring issue).

Apply to Advent if:

- You are interested in progression.
- You know your class well.
- You are always prepared for raids.
- You are willing to make some sacrifices (in-game) to help the guild progress.

Do NOT apply to Advent if:

- You are unable to follow instructions (this includes understanding english).
- You are not available when it comes to our schedule.
- Your old guild did things differently and it apparently bothers you that we do them our way.

Feel free to send messages to Warrof, Bayda, or Fredzilla if you have any questions.

I don't think so, Fred.
It seems not.
If you're looking to raid in MoP this is the best time to join a guild. Not saying we are the guild for you, but any raiding guild for that matter. With MoP less then 2 months away you can get in a guild meet your guildmates and be apart of the leveling and 5 man gear grind with your soon to be raid partners.

If you do have interest in Advent keep in mind we will be raiding 25m. ALL CLASSES are needed for the expansion. The reason is because of the gear and talent reset of the expansion. We dont care about your T13 Heroic gear set because its only useful for leveling from 85-88 fast. We dont care about how good you were on the meters because your rotation is going to change. To us everyone gets set back to equal and everyone has a chance to get into our core for the upcoming expo.

Anyone that takes time to gear up for raids, study their new rotations, and study for raid encounters BEFORE raiding, will have priority over the other guy that didn't. (Including Advent guildies that have been with us for years) Think of this as a clean start for everyone!
Except me, right?


Good to see you guys still going! <3 Joemama/Hippy
ohaidere. Join them to troll fred. worth it i promise.
Can i join?
08/15/2012 08:23 PMPosted by Dexterity
Can i join?

Yes. Auto-invite.
Glad to see you back my friend Auctus
This one is for you.
Glad to see you back my friend Auctus
This one is for you.

He did not escape this within the guild either.
Unintentional rename, but I'm glad it supplies so much enjoyment for everyone! Zernroz, who are you?
So who's the girl in this thread then? Besides Fred of course...
Bump 1/16! Alliance first Stone Guardians last night!
4/16 not 1/16. Dumb Auctus.
If you'd notice, you posted 2 days after me. Dumb night elf.

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