Advent: Recruitment

Burning Legion
Looking for: Mages and Warlocks
Happy December 6th! Come raid with Advent!
Amber shaper and Heroic Stone Guards both down. Come help us clear more heroics in the only 25m guild on the server!
Grats Guys! Hope you all have a Happy New Year.

I have to Thank you guys for pushing me to transfer. I love the guild I'm in now.
I'm in a guild called Game Over a 25 man (A) guild on a medium pop server ( EST ). 1/6H msv 6/6 Moshugan Vaults currently in our main 25 man team 6/6 HOF 4/4 terrace and pushing content rapidly. Its so great to be in a guild that is nice, friendly and helpful. As soon as I get more mad money I'm moveing more of my toons.

Did you tell them that you were the best Disc priest on Burning Legion but didnt know what rapture was? Make sure you include that in your application

Also Bumpity Bump for the only 25m raiding guild on BL!!!
sh!tter drama

edit: !@#$ing censor
Mods deleted the posts. End of "drama".
Wish you guys luck in 2013

@Bayda: sup! happy new year man!

@Rynmoren: Reroll panda!!!

no one has bumped this in a while soooooo

We are looking for: Mages and Warlocks.
And healers. Can't forget the healers.
God i miss you guys! whats up Ryn do you guys have a place for me?
02/03/2013 10:38 PMPosted by Feardòts
God i miss you guys! whats up Ryn do you guys have a place for me?

you know i can come back!
Dead thread.

About time the BL alliance was put out of it's misery. Then again it's been long dead, so way to dig up the grave and take a !@#$ on it's corpse Ryn.


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