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Just who and what is the Hand of Vengeance?

The Hand of Vengeance is the group of Forsaken forces that have been sent to Northrend by Sylvanas Windrunner to bring Undercity's vengeance upon the Lich King. Their method is the delivery of the latest strain of their deadly Plague. They have allied with The Taunka and the Warsong Offensive, under the leadership of the Horde Expedition, in order to oppose the Lich King. Due to the events that took place in Northrend, they are under constant watch by the Kor'Kron Legion as you can see during NPC conversations (especially in Undercity).

The HoV guild has branched off from Northrend, and offers their apothecary and guardian services to the Eastern Kingdoms to help against the current war taking place. Though their technology and advances have been put on hold by the Horde, they continue to do their research privately. The guild itself expands from Northrend and Eastern Kingdoms, holding most of the guild only events in the familiar places such as Venomspite and Vengeance Landing.

Ranks within the guild:
Intern- The interns are the students and beginners of the guild. New recruits will be placed within this rank for a two week gracing period before they can advance to a more desire rank.

Apothecary- The main source behind the guild. The Apothecaries are the skilled minds behind alchemy, chemical weaponry and scientific developments.

Surgeon- The surgeons are the field medics, doctors, plague doctors, and nurses of the guild. They special in medical care (and some even offer care plans and insurance coverage!) for the Horde and Forsaken.

Plaguebringer- Plaguebringer's are a private rank, that is not talked about openly due to their profession. They are the chemical testers and distributors of the deadly blight and practice in complete secrecy among the others in the guild (and the Horde!)

Deathguard- The protectors of the apothecarium. They consist of deathguards or dreadguards. Their main purpose within the special operation militia is to watch over the scientists and provide protection.

Assassin- This rank is for any of the Forsaken that fall under Lightslayers, Deathstalkers, Darkstalkers or Dark Rangers. The people that are hired for staying hidden or marksman and are advanced in special operational tactics.

Blight Zealot- This is an OOC rank for the officers within the HoV.
***The Hand of Vengeance guild website : http://hov.moonfruit.com

The Hand of Vengeance requires those that are interested to fill out an application, as well as a brief IC interview if the application is approved. The applications are a means for us to get a basic feel of the background story and learn a little bit about the applicant, so we can offer the best suited means of RP and atmosphere that we can.

The guild website has all information regarding the HoV. If interested in applying please head to the application section which can be found on the home page. :)

Officers (blight zealots) that can be contacted for further information:

Thayrin- Chief Plaguebringer.
Sibelius- Head of the Surgery Department.
Bolsar- High Executor of the Deathguard.
Lemmey- Junior Executor/deathstalker.
Dusksworn- High Shadowmender and priest of the Forgotten Shadow.
Seleste- Head of the apothecarium & Hand of Vengeance operations.
Gleneth- Assassin

Other officers that can be contacted if the ones listed are not available are Octavious, Pusicfer, Trager, Schelm, Paviche, Felsorrow or Chellick.
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