Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Exceptional players wanted
^ Hello (:
Keen for exceptional applicants to strengthen our roster going into Sha of Fear. Swag hard until then.
need DK's come say hi
So you are just looking for eley shaman? Enhance shaman out of the question?
11/25/2012 08:05 PMPosted by Barabbus
Exceptional players wanted
3/4, recruiting exceptionals for Sha
Mid-page 2 with 22 hours since the last bump. Imagine if this was the US forums. ><
I fear heroic sha progression.


lf dk friend :<
choice's wagon
Been looking for a solid pvp guild. Any more information available if not free bump! :D
Good luck with getting Sha guys :D. Bump for Choice being a top notch dude and because it's too hot to sleep xD.
Cheers man, keep on swagging.
Still need a disc priest?
Have logs.

@Baec, if you feel you're keen and capable throw an application up at suguild.com.

Keep on swagging.

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