Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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if u said ke$ha i'd play mage
if you play again i will sing tik tok on ts
hey hey
08/08/2012 07:52 PMPosted by Rabidewok
if you play again i will sing tik tok on ts

'We R Who We R' plz
Would you guys consider a 399 hpally 8/8 HM?
Ye, I'd advise making sure your gemming is 100%, and I would assume mining will be a major -ve
hi rabidewok
I find the lack of mage applications... disturbing.
da giz just healed heroic rag aww shiettt
rabid recipe

english muffins!!!

break in half
put in toaster
toast for 1 minute and 30 seconds on medium heat
take out of toaster and put peanut butter (crunchy) on top

damage taken
hello oceanic guild recruitment!
my arms hurt
bye ms weasel
I admire your bumping skills, Rabidewok. You have certainly shown me how it's done.


^ cheater
myao myao ^.~ for *splitz*
Not much time to trial. Still need 2 Mages to complete the roster.

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