Looking for a Companion

Hi..I am looking for a 60+years of age companion to quest, explore and just have fun with and enjoy the game on the Garona server. Must use vent (hate typing in game). I dont pvp or pug but do enjoy doing instances. I can play most afternoons and evenings except Thursday nights. I dont seem to have very good luck with guilds....they die.
I have a
85 hunter
82 SP
65 mage
62 lock
If interested, please leave a response here and I will contact you in game.
You're Shianse's mom I remember! What brings you back to the game? You had quite the reputation in Phoenix Rising!
Whoa, GILF in da house!
Rep? Good or bad? please explain
I'll let you figure that one out Qaylyn ;) Have a good one!
I was interested, but don't fit your age reqs (30). Regardless, I think I can help you. My guild is home to some people that would likely be a nice fit. Contact me and I will put you in touch.

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