6/8 H DS 25m PuG LFM (Healers specifically)

This is for Saturday raids hosted by Inbound.

Please send in game mail to Prospectory, if you are a healer feel free to ask him to direct you to me or Val, we have various characters.

We're always looking for people to join the roster and have fun - so if you are a DPS or tank, please still send Alchemoney and ask about our current weeks needs.

We're currently working on Spine 25H. We are in need of 1-2+ healers who are knowledgeable about their class. Hopefully I would like to see someone with 390+ item level, gemmed and enchanted correctly, with an understanding of when to use their cooldowns (divine hymn, etc) it's not frequent that you will need to ask when you want a cooldown, most of it is handled for you.

It would be great if you had some logs to show us, no matter what your role is. Experience with 6/8 would be great. Videos on YouTube are incredibly helpful, but if you do not have the experience, please take the time to learn the mechanics.

This run starts at 6:15PM server time.

100% attendance is not required. We use the in-game calendar to do invites, so once in the raid (and assuming you will be back to raid more) accepting, declining, or marking tentative is mandatory. As always, if you have something going on, you are free to talk to Alchemoney about it. If you need to leave the raid, a ~30 minute warning is what we ask for.

Looting is fairly simple with BOP items. MS > OS. If you are doing poorly, it would be nice to pass on MS loot for people who are doing better. While we strive to be fair, we will not give a rogue doing 25k DPS a heroic vial if another person rolling is doing 45k. We don't override on loot very often, but it happens occasionally.

Behavior wise, all we really ask is that you be polite.

As said earlier, if you do well, you'll get a calendar invite for next week. Sometimes we have healers play DPS for some of the more simple fights (IE: Morchok, Yor'sahj).

When sending Alchemoney an in-game mail please indicate class, item level, spec, experience, and anything you may deem relevant.

Thanks for reading!
~ Kami
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