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The Shadow Sovereignty is a militant enclave that, though is made up exclusively of the races of The Horde, acts autonomously. Funded by our mercenary activities we are based out of Orgrimmar. Our outward appearance is represented as taking contracts, guarding and raiding cities, killing for honor and duty, coin, sport, or because it is one's nature. It is said that the Council and Lord Shadow are among the highest ranking clergy of The Cult of Forgotten Shadow in Azeroth.

Led by The Lord Shadow Papilon we are an unscrupulous company known for our autonomy, vengeance, and for never reneging on a contract. As a testament to the mercenary band who preceded us, the SS are known for raiding unguarded out posts in small bands, hunting lone travelers, and often co-operate with other factions/guilds in full scale open combat.

The organization sees Humans, Worgen, Blue skinned mongrels and other Alliance races as Vermin to be cleansed from Azeroth. We maintain secretive methods while still benefitting from good funding and a charter from the nation state of Undercity. Although some outsiders might view the organization as evil we believe that we are doing a service by ridding the world of The Alliance while also saving our fellow members of The Horde from Alliance dangers.

The organization is cellular and leadership of each cell was decided upon by its members who choose from among themselves an officer to follow (This may also allow you, if you like, to bring a small guild seeking more action to join into the fold). If a leader of a cell proves unfit its members may seek the judgement of the Shadow Council (Made up of a collective of Senior officers) to relieve them of duties and elevate a new leader from the ranks. Cells each operate differently with different rules under their respective leaders, but all take a militaristic approach and work together under the direction The Lord Shadow.

Though we do not require members to be of a specific faith know that many of our members belong to The Cult of The Forgotten Shadow and that you are held to the Three Virtues of The Cult Of Forgotten Shadow. The virtues are as follows:

Respect- The universe is the physical manifestation of other's wills. Thus, for a person to denigrate the universe is to ignore the personal power of those around them. This is not only disrespectful, it is dangerous. A follower of the Forgotten Shadow must develop his personal power in order to exert his will on the universe, but seeking too much power too quickly puts him in conflict with other, stronger beings. Only a foolish follower seeks to challenge his superiors right away. Showing respect ensures a measure of self-protection.

Tenacity- Followers of the Forgotten Shadow put even greater stock in the virtue of tenacity. It may at first seem impossible for a person to change the universe when countless others seeking to do the same surround him. Through unwavering perseverance and tenacity though, they may triumph.

Power- Power is the third virtue of the Forgotten Shadow, and the most difficult to attain. A being who grabs greedily for power might encounter power too great for him or her to handle, and die in their attempt to master it. A being who succumbs to despair and seeks no personal power has no reason to exist; he craves nothing, desires nothing, he sits alone and pines for his old life. Beings who do not seek to better themselves might as well not exist. The quest for power requires caution, forethought, and a subtle touch.

The two main areas of recruitment for the organization are amongst the mature and wealthy and amongst the young and poor, especially those that are also disillusioned. Both are needed to make up the SS’s fighting force and to spread the organization's reputations and agendas amongst The Horde.

In order to join The SS one must be observed for a time. Those who openly seek membership of the organization should expect to be met with suspicion. Once the true agenda of a potential new recruit has been ascertained, through observation by normal and/or magical means, he or she is approached and invited to join as a full member. Most new recruits are family members, because the trust of a family helps to maintain the secrecy and solidarity of the organization. Non-family recruits are treated with greater suspicion and only the perseverent and dedicated will find thier way through the ranks.
Once a member, an individual is oathbound by a vow of secrecy and a vow to punish any other member who breaks this vow.

It is Customary for all members and applicants to die their hair black (while the Officers of the Council and The Lord Shadow dye theirs white).

If you seek to join you should, discreetly, make yourself known to a current member to begin your trials.
PS: All applications will be done online in character.
Correction: If you seek to join you should, discreetly, make yourself known to a current "Shadow Council" Or "Lord Shadow" level member to begin your trials.
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We are also seeking officers.
I'll look for you in game, I think are two Orders would get along rather well.
As you wish.
Though we do focus on World PvP Im also looking to start up a core 10 man raid (hopefully to expand into 25 man) as well. Though raiding occurs ooc you must still qualify in character to join the guild.
Being completely serious here, as I have wondered this for some time: What is a plane touched?
It was corrected a long time ago. but if yer serious a simple google search should reveal it but since yer trolling ill not be baited to say "be serious on a main". ;) damn i fell for it. crafty trolls.
I am not trolling. I googled plane touched, and there were a variety of results, varying from angels to people who meditate. I was wondering which one in the broad spectrum you were applying to your character.

also, if you can't figure out my main...
08/01/2012 05:50 PMPosted by Rasekek
also, if you can't figure out my main...

(( You're Raz? Kek? No wait... Raskek! Rkek? Askek?

Wait what am I saying! You're obviously Rasekek! How foolish of me. No...? Well then I give up. ))

Edit for (()) and to say I could not help myself.
at the time i was toying with the idea of my characters intrest in becoming a shadow ascendent and making him "shadow touched" as if he began the process however i thought better of it. :)

Not everyone needs to be a pretty lil snowflake I can just be an elf a shadowy crafty elf.
What is a shadow touched? I have no idea what that means, help me out.
Meaning part shadow as in born or otherwise altered somehow. Ie A shadow ascendent doesnt just go poof they change slowly...

" darkens and shadows cling to their body. Their features blur and become indistinct, almost as if they were melting away. The ascendant becomes more sensitive to light, preferring to stay in darkness. Later, the air becomes cold around the ascendant. Their voice echoes, as if they speak both words and thoughts. The ascendant becomes one with darkness and shadows, and they feel their emotions grow colder and darker as they continue down this path. At the culmination of this path, the ascendant's body fades away and they become a living shadow."
Oh. Okay.


Awesome guild met with Papy here last night, good guy and good RPer. I would highly recommend looking into them.

Thank you :)
We are still open for recruitment in search of soloitary heros, Leaders, and officers.

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