The Shadow Sovereignty (Recruitment now open)

Emerald Dream
We will cap ourselves between 25-40 members get in whie you fit in. Had an opportunity to pursue a great induction quest and rp with a new recruit last night... look forward to many more. (active alts welcome)
Netheril fall / city of shade? Neat!
Coinsidence but i can see parallels.
I got to be a part of the interviewing and induction quest, and it was a terrific experience. Papi is great RP'er and I would love to see the guild grow :)
Glade you enjoyed it hopefully more will come and join the fun... also looking to put together a solid core for raiding before/for MoP.
We are happy to announce we now offer a 5% bonus to leveling players.

Also Welcome to our newest recruits and we are still accepting applicants.
Oh we have a strict "No Drama" policy...
We are available for any mature respectful players who have found themselves looking for a guild.
Just a heads up if you apply prior to level 20 expect to be wait listed as a novice.


Awesome guild met with Papy here last night, good guy and good RPer. I would highly recommend looking into them.


I wouldn't. They are very racial. I hate to say it, but looks like Kingship of the East has more class then this group of horde.
Free Bump day!
We have no racial biases your confusing us with another guild.

Also See OP if yer in a smaller guild looking to expand you can join and still keep you guild in tact with our cellular structure. We are currently engaging in our fourth round/class of recruiting and are accepting mature respectful players for Rp-PvP, RP, and of course (to a lesser extent until we gather a solid core for 10 man) PvE.
*points at Papilon*


I like your outfit.
Which one the white or black?
The white one sir.

Now I must know, did you back up near the end there because of that guard?
I assure you i have no idea what you refer to ;)
Very well then, I enjoyed the fight for what it was, sir.
As did I sir, as did I.
oh this... this about sums up whats expected pvpwise ooc:

I think there are old unwritten rules to WPVP about honorable gameplay that people should follow.. most won't but I like to hold myself to standards.

I do not get more buddies if a fight is already even sided.
I do not blue wall.
I do not join into an ongoing fight if it's already uneven sides that would be in my favor
I do not sucker punch people with low health in the middle of quests.
I do not kill some one more than three times unless theyre continuing to harass an area.
I do not camp a player when they rez, I let them heal or polymorph heal them back up before going at it again.
I do not tea bag.

I do respond to every world ping I see. (if i'm not in the middle of some thing.)
I do show up regardless of the number of attackers.
I do proudly charge into the wreck knowing I'm going to die, only to do it over again.
I do not show fear, only mutual respect if they show the same code of honor.

This is PVP-- there will always be some one better than you and you should not be afraid of dying. You don't know what you're made of until you're measured. So try your best and don't be a %### about it.

ONly thing id change is I do not show fear, only mutual respect even if they dont show the same code of honor.
Bumpty Bump for great guild

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