The Shadow Sovereignty (Recruitment now open)

Emerald Dream
Thank you Emzela... we are pretty great ;) lol
Still open recruitment. Active alts are welcome. Also remember when you join those you recruit/join with you become your own cell to fight alongside, command, or follow as you see fit.
Ill be on most of the evening handling some pvp and recruitment. Walk ups welcome, in character of course, for said recruitment.
We also grant extra experience to level and guild repairs for full members.
We have knowledgeable players willing to work with you on both your rp, pvp, and pve growth as well.
We are currently open recruiting and training bishops and lesser clergy as well to expand our Network of The Cult of Forgotten Shadow. Also open to Paladins... if yer not sure how a Paladin works into this sect talk to Invydeus he did a nice job passing his interview.
In he immortal words of MC hammer... just for a minute lets al do the bump.
Thinking about playing that alt as a main in MOP come try him out putting together 10 man willing to work with new raiders who have potential. You dont have to be the best tank, heal, or dps but you do have to be willing and able to learn to be. And thats where i'll work with you! That said i would prefer you have raiding experience as hope to contend on MOP progression.
Well it been 2 months and this recruitment thread has generated little to no interest. I thought it was a very well thought out and structured guild but alas... It has all been for naught. I'll try through the expansion of MOP hopefully just as with bc and wotlk it brings back the palyers who have become bored with the current content and maybe make this work.
whats that old dance called... oh yeah the bump
the SS #1....

oh and bump
09/01/2012 09:01 PMPosted by Papilon
whats that old dance called... oh yeah the bump

Come on, baby, let's do the bump
Bimpidy bump bump looking for 9 others for progression 10 man raiding come Mop.

We'll be using ep/gp. So if you dont wish to join the guild you need not apply going for progression top 10 so serious business lads and ladies.
No takers eh?
*puts the Sisterhood Stamp of awesome on the guild.*

Good peeps, lots of fun to kill alliance with. Speaking of, I sent you an invite for the 22nd event yes?
Still taking recruits for pve 10 man progression squad for mop. want to be top 10 US

The organization sees Blue skinned mongrels as Vermin to be cleansed from Azeroth.

Hey now. Wats up wit diz?
Night elves not trolls mon.
keep us in mind.

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