I am trying to find what hit cap, spell pen etc. is for PVP
Like 410 hit, whatever spell pen is on the cloak, etc.
A lot of it is common sense. But I'll try to offer some quick answers.
Hit cap should be 5% (make sure it's for spell hit)
Then you should be focusing on intellect and afterwards either haste or mastery.
Not sure why you bought those cataclysmic legs, you should have either purchased non-elemental gloves or helm, since crit is way down on your priority.
When looking at your glyphs, replace the lightning shield glyph with a Hex glyph (lightning shields don't drop below 3 thanks to your 4-piece bonus).
In your ele spec, since it's for PvP, replace 2 points in Convection to Acuity.
Yeah, don't worry about spell penetration beyond the cloak, like Rude said.
Also, replace your Lightning Bolt glyph (4% dmg increase) with Flame shock glyph.
07/26/2012 12:41 PMPosted by Nahadøth
Hit cap should be 5%

it's actually 4%
the legs belong to my healing set--since i didn't need them for the bonus i'm slow to replace them. i'll change the glyphs
Hit cap should be 5%

it's actually 4%

I always thought it was 5 myself
Open up your character sheet.
Look at your hit rating, and look at what it says for targetting an 85.
Does it say 0%? No, then you need more.
Does it say 0%? Yes, then you're fine (Although possibly over it too).

Rude is right, it's 4%. I'm just saying this isn't rocket surgery to figure out.
410 Hit , wear the spell pen cape. Stack mastery for PVP burst. Use all +40 red gems and the +20/+20mastery gem when you can. Laugh as you actually can compete again.

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