[A] Suit Up - 16/16h Oceanic 1st, US 6th

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who are you oh he from garithos
bump for abandoning raid preparation in favour of challenge mode silvers.
I hated Cataclysm with an absolute passion, and didn't raid much at all (just some DS), so I don't have the "cheeves" that were sorted after. Did raid LK, but was in casual guilds (horde and alliance)

Just hit 90, gears crap, stat weights aren't even close.

The gear will improve over coming weeks, (it was e400 pre-mists) but still....

Is it worth applying? Just curious.
Not right now, we need something to base your skill off. Use the coming weeks to gear out and min-max your character as much as possible, do the new raids and provide some combat logs showing how leet you are.

We're not necessarily against taking players who don't have alot of previous tier raid experience, but you need to work really hard to prove yourself.
No problems, can do that, Been busy working on Panda Loremaster. Not far off. Ill post again when my gears up. Thx for reply =)
an corp
wtf is this shit
can u not
yolo'ing so hard
guys pls stop i thought we were friends
can u stop pls
If you don't stop the bearded dragon will cry.
Still waiting for this stupid sword off ook or whatever his name is.

Recruiting exceptional players for this tier, get in now before it's over. Swag on.
yolo, the one word that has meaning in all languages.
Went afk for ~5 minutes, came back to find myself DC'd and in an hour queue. This server, my friends, is the place to be. suguild.com
yolo swag exdee
07/30/2012 10:24 PMPosted by Rabidewok
are you good? app

Sooooo goood!!

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