[A] Suit Up - 16/16h Oceanic 1st, US 6th

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lol druzor only l0sers drink that stuff
Let us all take a moment to pray for WoWprogress to find a solution to the account wide achievements issue before launch.
mists of pandaria soon! now accepting applications for Battle Pet Trainer rank in guild!
make sure you send Master Trainer Barabbus an in-game tell today!
3 spots left for Battle Pet Trainer rank, get in before MoP!
09/18/2012 04:22 PMPosted by Choice

09/18/2012 11:55 PMPosted by Rqt


green tea matcha latte with soy
Rabie is a cutie
DOugGybol Copp OFF Ma Turff niqa,,, dON'T MAkk Me DOO daa doUgiEE Yooo
09/20/2012 12:04 AMPosted by Crab

Hey PLaya, yOOOOO We's iz nahHHH HaTinn CrabStar U Iz $tARTinn TrUbz UU Hear???? NewayZ, We's'Ree allsOO REcruitIn COp Ynnn Nw Fawrrr mop
get off the choof stush u moth
09/20/2012 01:09 PMPosted by Rams
I heard stush is a really cool guy.

you know we need a dk..
ily stush <3 do da dougieee
Giving up my first night of drinking as an 18 y/o to finish strategies for you guys. The things I do.
Lied about that, behind on strategies now. Rock on.

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