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well AH botting does happen, but it really has nothing to do with TSM or similar mods.
When it comes down to it, every aspect of this game has tools to make it better, faster, and easier to play. If you're in a nub guild that doesn't raid and you have heroic aspirations, you may look at people running such addons like Omen, DBM, or Healbot with the same malice as these nubs are looking at TSM. Truth be told, TSM won't post anything for you and it won't cancel anything for you much the same as DBM wont auto-pull you from the fire or force switch your focus to an add. You have to physically click a confirmation button on every single auction that you post and cancel. I will agree that scroll posting through macro's makes this a little ridiculous but back in WotLK didn't a hunter having a macro to dispel the LK adds make it a little ridiculous? Also, when you set up TSM, there isn't a "safe way" to set it up and any competitor that figures out your configuration can use that against you and completely bury you with it forcing you to constantly be watching and staying on your toes for counter-attacks. Anyone can play the AH but (as with anything in life) the ones who are more serious about it will be better at it than the ones who aren't and for you to tell a player how they can or cant spend their 15$ a month is unacceptable. You don't cry in arenas about people using Gladius to help them get to their opponents faster, don't cry about people playing PVAH using TSM to get to their desired parameters faster and definitely don't cry when their character lands the hk/sale/add de-enrage before you do and you've lost.
I can scan the AH and post all my glyphs with any addon, prior to 5.0.4 I made a fair chunk of change using Auctioneer, which also allows my to undercut you. All TSM Auctioning does is make it easier to cancel auctions so I can repost them...and I would rather be out in the world doing things then sitting in the AH all day long.

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