[H] Frostwolf Clan (RP)

The Frostwolf clan was one of the original orc clans from the planet of Draenor, and one of very few clans not to partake of the Blood of Mannoroth which corrupted the other clans. Along with Drek'Thar, the Frostwolf clan lived along the Alterac Mountains practicing shamanism, and having Frost wolves as their companions. Today, the Frostwolf clan hopes to retake Alterac Valley from the relic seeking Stormpike Guard dwarves.

The Frostwolf Clan is seeking all able bodied members of the Horde who wish to fight alongside close allies against those who would destroy us. For Orcs, this means proving your worth and honoring the true nature of our race by denying the powers given by the demon blood and upholding the ultimate tenet of Honor.

While originally an Orcish clan, the Frostwolf Clan is open to all who would aid the clan in this time of need. Amidst several other forces that work against us, the Stormpike are relentless in their assault. Any race of the Horde that swears to uphold the tenets of the clan will be given their chance to prove their worth and bring honor to their own race.


Just thought I'd put this here. We're a pretty small group right now, but we aren't exactly looking to have a huge guild, either. We're mostly looking for just a few, dedicated higher level players (only a small group is needed to challenge the Stormpike forces in Hillsbrad and to do dungeon challenges) but we are more than open to anyone who wishes to join.

Roleplaying with the guild would be great, but it won't be a requirement. If you're interested at all, just contact Keidan or Kashur in-game.

Oh cool, a new RP guild that actually looks promising.

Carry on.

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