Frostmourne: Official TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade

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There has not yet been an official Frostmourne thread specifically for the community at large to buy, sell, and trade loot cards. After seeing the amount of threads with single characters advertising their loot cards, and since the mounts, pets, and tabards all contribute towards their respective achievements I figured it would be best to start an official thread!

In your post it would be very helpful to include the items you wish to buy/sell/trade and if you're willing to transfer factions or add compensation for neutral.
¸ . ø ¤ º ALL TCG LOOT º ¤ ø . ¸
** Orders By Request Only **
** No longer Stocking items **

- Message/Mail In-Game for price negotiation.
- Real ID:

( All Items Available for either faction at no extra cost )

¸ . ø ¤ º CURRENCY EXCHANGE º ¤ ø . ¸

** New Service Available on Frostmourne **

¤ Need to move Gold between Factions ?
¤ WTS something on the opposite Faction?
¤ WTB something from the opposite Faction?

Neutral AH Costs about 18% & Changing Faction can get expensive.
Now you can Buy/Sell/Trade safely without all the high costs !!

1G-1K = 0% Transfer Fee
1K- 100K = 5% Transfer Fee
(Please Contact me in-game if you require larger transfers)

- Message/Mail In-Game for Service.
- Real ID:


** I don't advertise in game only on the forums if someone does buy from me I don't use Skype for trading its all in-game, for Blizzards Records and the buyers protection, and I'm also happy to provide my RL ID.
** None of my names have use "Special ALT or ASCII Characters" so be mindful please.
** I will never sell TCG on any other accounts or characters other than those listed below.

{H}: [ Noxx ] - [ Noxy ] - [ Noxicle ] - [ Noxheart ] - [ Kennox ]
{A}: [ Noxie ] - [ Noxnox ] - [ Noxilicious ] - [ Nox ] - [ Knoxy ]
Aye mate, havn't been able to catch the big 'ol noxxie on, still interested just message me when you see me next online.

My real id is all over the place so i'll try contact you if i see you on also.

Decided what toon i'll be giving it to thanks mate.

Saw in the last post u been in abit of strife old mate noxxie, stay out of trouble stay safe son. Let the son radiate on your eternal glory son, brother and friend of mine.
^^^ Is about the foam sword rack btw mate.
Yer that turned out to be a bitter troll trying to start trouble when he pretended to be me on alliance to sell sell/scam when people didn't believe him when he claimed to be me he proceeded to try tarnish my name lol. Btw i have your Foam Sword Rack i'll be on soon :)
I saw that in your post Noxx was about to back you up but Miirkat did a good job of that, My account was banned so i couldnt post, got banned for saying f*** you to someone. BUT I am going to recommend you on this post aswell. Brought 2 Foam Sword Racks off you (which was a code so we had to pay first) all went smoothly and even got some free pet biscuts. +1 seller Noxx and Dice.
Still have the Flag of ownership for sale. 80k. Prefer horde side.
Currently available:

1 x Reins of the Spectral Tiger non-code 290K

If you'd like to contact me in-game I am available as Açè alt 135 alt 138.

Trusted seller, thanks again Noxx.
selling swift spectral tiger 480k frostmourne alliance pst kitekitekite or ingame mail churs
wtb sand scarab
x1 Tabard of Flame
x2 Paper Airplanes
x4 Sandbox Tigers
X4 Pet Biscuits
X1 Fishing Chair

edit* Pst Megaplums on Alliance

Posting on tinker toon D:
WTB Flag of Ownership 90k -

Msg me if interested

Also if you have a Soul Trader Beacon, talk to me about prices.
Noxx let me grab up one of those, Sandbox tigers <3 PM me in-game.
noxx is the best ever and he is so cool and i got a sand scarab i called it Sandy
Also wtb Sand scarab Noxx
What are my chances of getting an Imp in a Ball sir?
Hey Noxx just brought yet another little vanity item off Noxx, Thanks for the Sandbox tiger. Noxx another request, can you get your hands on a Murloc Costume + Big Blizzard Bear.

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