Frostmourne: Official TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade

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08/03/2012 11:59 PMPosted by Skribxoxo
Murloc Costume + Big Blizzard Bear
Getting very hard to find, i'll keep my eye out in case i see either.
Hey Noxx, any chance of you getting a goblin gumbo Kettle for me?
I'm selling Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger as an in game, trade-able item for 500k, or less if you'd like to counter offer.

Probably shouldn't have created that other thread in hind-sight >.<
WTB Tabard of Frost

Willing to pay extremely well if you can actually get your hands on one.
Mail me in game on an 85 and we will talk prices, for now a level 1 in an auto invite guild that happens to have access to two very rare loots seems sketchy.
Noxx just wondering, what protection does it give the buyer if the seller gives you their real id? Like what protection does it give me if they give me there real id. They can still remove me straight off it can't they? Or does blizzard see they removed you straight after they got the gold or whatever, so they take action?

Edit - Post below i accidently posted the same thing twice.
noxx log on!!! I want to buy something from you :3
don't diss noxx he is cool i got a sand scarab
WTB Tabard of Flame ><
Looking to sell Wooly White Rhino
also, I have a couple of spare level 25 guilds for sale.

WTB Flag of Ownership.


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