[H] Requiem of Kil'jaeden Recruiting PvPers!

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I'm interested in possibly rolling with a pvp guild come MoP. I took a big break cata xpac and only pvp'd casually in lower brackets 60-84. constantly deleting and remaking new characters. Currently ive just been running around doing random dungeons as I finally hit 85 this xpac like 2 days ago lol.

I know I should apply to your guild extension but I didn't see a link to any info so I thought I'd post here. I'm looking to transfer to a good server right b4 MoP hits and KJ is looking good. I plan to PVP a lot with some pve in there

I'm rerolling as a mistweaver monk for pve and a windwalker for pvp
08/22/2012 08:46 PMPosted by Archanon
Take notes Tryhards, this is how you make a 3v3 tournament

Archanon will you be running Hunter, Ret, Rogue seems to be working just fine for you?
You mean like it worked for you? LOL Tournament is random as im sure you read. Move on dude neither of us are getting glad. You pouting doesn't really help anything except make you look bad.I am enjoying watching your rating drop the more you play this last week btw :)

I played thug cleave to 2200 for fun.
Good idea, I've always wondered why they didn't record the games before, & if you had good casters, just cast it like it was live. (Since ddos'ing is sucha big problem for players)
I think many players like to see it live and don't want to watch something that already happened and that they already may know the results to. That's my guess.
bump in the night
bump for friendship
Requiem w/o Newdruid = fail
Ain't nothin' wronngggg with a little bump and griinnnddddd
I heard this guild protects not only KJ but other servers too, is that true?
08/31/2012 11:11 AMPosted by Bubbletoast
Requiem w/o Newdruid = fail
Who is newdruid
Back in the game !

Beast mode baby!

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