[H] Requiem of Kil'jaeden Recruiting PvPers!

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Be apart of Requiem! Ranked top 7 for RBGs! :)
Psyops got rainbowed tonight.
09/22/2012 06:48 PMPosted by Bebbit
Psyops got rainbowed tonight.
Requiem is a PvP guild of experienced players focused on everything from high end competitive Arenas/Rated Battlegrounds to strategic world PvP. Our guild has two branches dedicated to helping you find the most enjoyable and well organized PvP experience possible. Kil'jaeden is a constant blood bath when it comes to world PvP, no matter the time of day. Several large, rival PvP guilds exist on the opposing faction, which makes for great competition during our frequent world PvP events. Regardless of what aspect of PvP you’re looking for, Requiem of Kil'jaeden has it all. Check out our Youtube site at http://www.Youtube.com/ReqGamingKJ for a little preview of the fun times we’ve had thus far.

Requirements to join:
1750+ in Arenas or RBGs and geared with a full Cataclysmic PvP set*

*Note: If you do not meet these requirements, you are welcome to join Req, our guild extension, where we have plenty of people willing to help you get the missing prerequisite you need.
this thread is full of temp/perma bans LOL look at all the "User deleted comment" hahaha

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