Geared Hunter and Rogue looking for guild.

I lvl 400 Hunter and 404 Rogue looking for raiding guild for current H DS progression (6/8H) Both know (8/8H). We both have alts that we can transfer also. We are looking for guilds that raid either weekdays (6-9:30)est or weekends (6-whenever)also est. We both know this game myself used to being a very skilled warrior tank in vanilla and BC. We are looking for a serious raiding guild that wants to take MoP by storm and shoot for a top rank. We both know what it takes to get there and will put in every thing we have to succeed. We can transfer now if need be and both will be 90 in a very short amount of time and raid ready as soon as possible at release.
Kasual 8/8H is currently in dire need of dps. Send me some mail with both of your real ids and preferably some logs if interested. We normally raid tues wed thurs from 6:30-10 but currently are finishing this expac running wed thursday 630-10. Once again mail with realid and we can talk more.
Remedy 8/8H is looking for more dps. We run Wed/Thurs 7-10pm server. Please let us know if that works for you. Add me to friends, apply online at or ask someone in Remedy for FB!
Culture Shock will be going Horde in about 5 days. We are 8/8H, and raid on Friday and Saturday from 5-10 server. We are recruiting for alt runs currently, however we are open for toons to work themselves into our progression group. Hit me up in game or on the forums.

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