Buying Leather Working Patterns

Earthen Ring
Looking to buy the following patterns to finish off the last of my BOE patterns. So look in your banks, guild banks, inventory for those patterns collecting dust and earn some money. Send me a message in game and I'll buy straight from you. If selling through Neutral Auction House please make contact first to set up a time so I can be there then. :)

1. Moonglow Vest - Alliance only quest reward inside Darnassus. Quest has the same name. Very low level quest.
2. Embrace of the Phoenix - Sunwell Drop
3. Sun Drenched Scale Chestguard - Sunwell Drop
4. Bindings of Lightning Reflexes - Black Temple and Hyjal Summit Drop
5. Living Earth Bindings - Black Temple Drop
6. Clutches of Evil - Firelands Drop
7. Dragonfire Gloves - Firelands Drop
8. Ethereal Footfalls - Firelands Drop
9. Footwraps of Quenched Fire - Firelands Drop
10. Treads of the Craft - Firelands Drop
Was googling random patterns and this popped up. Just thought I'd mention that #4 and #5 are both BoP patterns. You must loot them yourself =( Good luck! I'm still missing one of the bracer patterns for tailoring myself!

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