New Server X-Fer: Hunter (lots of raid xp)

Just transfered to Hyjal the other day and am looking for the right guild to competitively push the envelope on new content in MoP. Raided/ Raid Led through heroic content in ToC and WotLK. I have always been the raider who is early b4 invites, brings enough pots etc for others too, and continue to be the competition everyone tries to beat in dps.

Having raided and PVP'd for over 4 years, I clearly understand the utility of my hunter in a PVE environment and push my dps cap for my gear at every oppurtunity.

I'm looking for a guild that raids in the evening and/ or Weekends as I recently moved to Hawaii. Need a guild that starts around 10pm but can be more flexible on the weekends.

Please PM in game or on the forum and i'll get back to you. Thanks.

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