Please respond

Please respond.
I'm pretty lonely
I'll always be here for you Warrfury.
Darkflood, my love for you is so boundless and un-ending that I would like you to fertalize my !@#$ in hopes that I can have children, even though deep in my heart I know I may never carry your seed.
Even young and fragile our love will find a way. The thought of kissing your moist lips sends me powerful emotions of our love and the time we've spent together and shows the strength of our never ending love.

But for children. We'll find a way. We'll find a way.
Darkflood my head swims in circles when you're around me, or when the thought of you lingers. Sometimes when i'm lying in bed by myself I dream to myself how much more enjoyable it would be if you were there with me. If you were there to share that soft bed with me in my luscious embrace. I wish every moment I live in my life is a moment with you.

All I am really asking for is your tender embrace, nothing more, nothing less.
We will be together forever Warrfury, I promise you that.
This thread needs a third wheel
Who are you?
harrymonks of pandaria
the horde attacks, yolo

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