[A] La Cosa Nostra Recruiting for MOP

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Hi Churche :D
churche says hi

omg val why would you tell me to watch an x-files episode about cockroaches what is wrong with you
because it was hilarious LOL

i laughed for like five minutes when mulder hung up on scully to flirt with the bug girl.
hello corylahey
ugh i'm traumatized by cockroaches ever since they started showing up in my house )': idk if i'll be able to watch that episode. i haven't seen one in my house for over a month but they're probably there. WATCHING. WAITING.
such a baby
looking for an ele shaman or boomkin
ele shaman/boomkin please!
caster dps? :D
oh wow, the site changed.
08/27/2012 06:21 PMPosted by Nådz
Hey you guys still recruiting? I havent played in a few months but I'm coming back now that mop is coming out. My original main was my priest back in wrath did 11/12 hm icc shaman was the main in cata 6/7 hm firelands a few hms in ds before I took my break. Ill be going back to my priest healer for Mop.(i think im kinda having a hard time deciding between ele/resto shammy and my priest.)

See original post and act accordingly.

08/30/2012 05:27 PMPosted by Deathdealerv
Hi Churche :D

bump bump bump!
shaman? :D
looking for ranged dps and a healer for mists
keepin' it tyreeeeeeeeeeeeeeal
I ate a slice of pizza upside-down. Not sure how I feel about it.

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