<Thera pists> hosting scheduled HM DS alt run

<Thera pists> (eat shiiiittttt and die Blizz for your retarded offensive word filter) are forming scheduled HM DS alt runs.

We're doing alt 10-mans now whenever we feel like it, but want to move to scheduled runs.

What you will need, and need to do to be a part of these raids is as follows:

- Have 385+ min ilvl, in appropriate PvE gear, gemmed and enchanted
- Know your class
- Have at least 5/8 HM achieve on one of your toons
- Bring food/flasks
- Have Vent

Ideally we'd like to get an alt 25-man run going, and if there is enough interest, this can easily be organized.

To sign-up, go to http://thera pists.guildlaunch.com and go to the News forum. Add the requested information (which is basically just your toon name, which class/spec you want to bring, and time you are available) and I'll arrange the rest.

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