WTS Swift & Rare Spectral Tiger Mounts

I am checking for a possible buyer for either both, or individually, a Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger and/or Reins of the Spectral Tiger.

{IGNORE}I would prefer to sell them here on Lightbringer and thus am announcing their availability here first instead of through the WoW Achievement forums.{IGNORE}

The Swift Spectral Tiger {SOLD}

The Rare Spectral Tiger {SOLD}

These mounts are now listed on the AH

Starting listed bidding price:

Swift Spectral Tiger: 450k (Buyout 525k)

Spectral Tiger: 260k (Buyout 325k)
I'll give you everything in my pocket for the swift spectral. This list includes, a moldy penny, white shoe string covered with dried mud and slightly ripped, a dub sack of some flame, a 1 hitter, and a piece of gum.
If only it were two pieces of gum.

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