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All the bear tanks in top guilds must be clueless with all that stam. Clearly explicit is onto something none of them have discovered.
07/28/2012 11:23 PMPosted by Laurito
Oh also why arnt you in encore anymore. Wait a second i can answer that question they probably kicked your !@#$ty %^- out for your last place healing, or they quit because they got too many of you crappy sub par player. Good luck dumbass in MoP I enjoy flashing my achieves in your face. :D

How about I left because the guild died?

And my last place healing? Here's a hint, any shaman in a good guild will come in last place for most fights just because of current class balancing. If you want to really compare, compare my logs to the !@#$ty guild they came from and you'll see I out healed their resto on just about every fight ever.

Your guild is %^-*, and you are !@#$. Get over yourself.

You 2300, Aelx r1.
regime #1
if you're so good, why don't you raid in a top 20 guild with the same raid hours... no excuses here plz. ty

aelx #1 all day everyday
whos coalition?

are they important?
Hi men
TG es numero uno.

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