[A] Skribxoxo's WTS Heavy Junkboxes!

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good seller, even with the ban, got the boxes relatively quickly. recommended.
07/31/2012 02:30 AMPosted by Dolami
good seller, even with the ban, got the boxes relatively quickly. recommended.

Yeah sorry about that ban, apparently saying f*** you to someone gets you banned. Anyway have fun with your boxes :). And enjoy sitting there for endless hours handing them in ;)
Need another buyer, plenty in stock!
@ Daganoth as you have requested in game 320 lockboxes sent your way + a personal gift of 25 lockboxes.
recommended buyer, instant c.o.d, thanks for the boxes
Could I grab 300 please? :)
@ Facepalming sending your way now!
Just hit Insane a couple hours ago. Boxes arrived in mail within 120 minutes, way faster than I was expecting. I also requested a few more boxes here and there to push my Ravenholdt rep into exalted, and got them within the hour.

Over all great work with the junkboxes, fast delivery and had no issue when i asked for more. Highly recommend this guy for junkbox buying!!

@ Yif no worries man glad you got there in the end.
@ Facepalming I sent a big chunk off to you last night and still havnt recieved a payment, you were on a level 9 mage. So I wont be sending anymore your way until the initial lot is paid for.

Bumping for another buyer!
Bumping for another buyer, if your getting them cheaper, I can beat it ;)
bumping for scrib buying 2000 boxes ty
@ Nezagu, sent your way should recieve them in 1 hour :)
425 Boxes please at 20g a box
Thanks Skrib. Good communication quick poster
Reccomend this seller.
@ Wogboyy sorry my account had a bit of issues with authenticator, sent them your way now!
Could I get 1,000 junkboxes please? Will need more later but that will do to start!
@ Lissadar talked to you in-game, sending your way shortly!
Bumping looking for more buyers <3
have just receive all my boxes from skrib, great seller and halfway done for my insane title :)
@ Nezagu, pleasure dealing with you, brought them straight away!

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