[A] Skribxoxo's WTS Heavy Junkboxes!

My poor bags are getting a workout as I hand in the ridiculous amount of junkboxes that Skrib has sent me.

Thanks for the rad service, Skrib - looking forward to getting Exalted soon.
Hi Skribb, Thanks for yoúr quick delivery last order, May I please have another 127 Boxes.

Thanks mate
Bump for Skrib to see.
@ Wogboyy No problem mate internet went out for a little bit getting back on today, will be there soon!
Bumping for more buyers! Come on get that Insane Title before MoP!
How many boxes do you need to get Exalted?
Bump for more boxes. Being lazy and not farming up to revered = over 2k boxes. Skrib's been awesome; I'm nearly 9k through revered in under a week (from neutral).
08/09/2012 04:13 AMPosted by Dkyo
How many boxes do you need to get Exalted?

1405 boxes without any reputation buffs
1277 boxes with Mr. Popularity rank 2
1171 boxes with Mr. Popularity and human racial
1081 boxes with Mr. Popularity, human racial, and Wicker Man buff.

I'm not 100% sure but use Rep calculator to find out.
@ Lissadar, message me in-game.
Sup need 1000 heavy boxes thx
@ Dark thanks for contacting me in-game as i talked about started sending to you already!

Thank you Eiri for recommending him! :)
Bumping need more buyers after i finish Dark off!
I am keen just need to figure out how many so start that farmin
@ Empulsive, http://www.wowjuju.com is a rep calculator telling you exactly how much you need if that helps you at all.
1160 thanks
@ Empulsive should be recieving them later tonight!
Heya Skrib, I need 1300 Boxes please send asap
@ Druggerkin they will be there ASAP finishing off a few orders first.
Sweet thanks

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