(A) Moonsong Blackguard - O.O CAPPED!

Moon Guard
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*strokes some fresh paint on the title!*This one is sticking, promise.
Buuuump~! More active roleplaying members are always welcome! Come talk to us about joining! :)
EEK! *flees!*
*turns Xixin into a sheep and flees, cackling with wooly glee!*
*shield slams the thread back up to proper place!*
Is a sheep walking around, when suddenly A DRAGON!
*nudges up!*
hey q I almost had a heart attack to day, or possibly a stroke, drank way to fraggen much coffee and monster, The nurse on call at tele health advised me not to drink anymore caffine for the next THREE days and to make an appoint ment with my doctor to make sure i actually didnt have a stroke,

Two large mc cafes and two in a half monsters. prolly wasn't to much but it was still way to much for one day. Feeling dizzy

any ways how's your day been? Liken the new forum design?
I'm loving the new designs. I'm just trying to tweak out the guild site a bit in preparation for our rivals arrival to the realm. :)
engineer says "Nope!" to this thread being on second page.
09/06/2012 08:34 PMPosted by Maarcus
Put your faith in the Light, and all is possible.

Put your faith in the twilight and all is. POWA!
*stares at Maarcus* I never lost faith. *punts off the world tree, with a Darnassian flag sticking to his hair!*

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