(A) Moonsong Blackguard - O.O CAPPED!

Moon Guard
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So, Dead Bear. You make a druid, get bear form, go into a busy public place and /lie. Do nothing, from that point on. No emotes, say nothing, but don't go AFK. Then, if people poke you, either don't even do anything. Just stay there. If someone whispers you, you then rant at them about your right to roleplay as a dead bear and how they can't do anything about your freedom of speech.

And that's how you play Dead Bear.

Just to clearify since I've gotten a lot of questions in-game about it: YES we accept all races. xD Even our favorite puppys.
There is a Beurghes in this thread.
*stares* A nude Be....oh...oh my....we should play some...mmhmm....*howls and chases playfully!*
*listening party music, hip bump!~*
Party hardy don't be tardy!
*dances to the discovery of new music~!*
Bumpy with tag change! *wiggles brows*
gonna be sending over my gnome rogue only level 30 but has a whole buncha looms i want on the server.
Helping with the dwarf quota.
08/03/2012 08:38 AMPosted by Muirne
Helping with the dwarf quota.

thats a 50 dkp +
Q- I just noticed you're catching up to me in chievement points
*nudges Aphel* You should poke me sometime in game when you aren't too busy! =p

*blinks* Didn't realize I even had that many Achieves...guess I got some grinding to do. XD
I still win, achievement-wise. Hehehe!
JKLfdasjk HOW! Ogrun you must teach me your acheivy ways! ;-;
08/03/2012 04:10 PMPosted by Qerrathien
JKLfdasjk HOW! Ogrun you must teach me your acheivy ways! ;-;
Three steps.

1. Paitence.

2. Dedication.

3. A lot of free time.

I'm eventually aiming for 9k, and I'm getting there. Also, having played this charecter for four years, I have a lot of special achievements. I even soloed lvl 60 Onyxia at level 70 in PvP gear, it is true, I have witnesses. Even if they've mostly left the game by now.

Moonsong leads the way!


*picks up thread*
Awesome linking. Prepare your youtubes. http://youtu.be/itUNeWGUGGQ

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