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I have been waiting, pretty much since i started playing WoW for this option, the moment i discovered i could hide my helmet and cloak, i almost died of happiness. Could you guys possibly develop a way to hide shoulder armor please?

And to the people who don't want this, its just an option, you can keep your silly shoulder pads visible, I'm just extremely picky about the way my character looks... and YES I've transmogged my armor before, so please refrain from saying "transmog them"

I just..don't like my characters looking excessively bulky (or like a box of fruit loops, wearing every color in the spectrum)
I would just love the option to hide them is all.
I would also love this option, Please blizzard just hear us out. perhaps in the actual release of MoP :D although that would be very soon just soon would be nice.
It's been suggested and declined before (though they've changes their minds before). I remember once upon a time reading a response on that request but if it was a forum post or a blog, I can't remember.
shoulders are epic! why do u not want to see them??
10/10/2012 02:00 PMPosted by Sereldreon
shoulders are epic! why do u not want to see them??

Because sometimes, just sometimes, they're a little too epic.

One of the hidden racials on several male races is:
"Your shoulder armor will be larger than your torso"
Just think of yourself as a mini turret :P

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