Lotion, Mature guild or NOT?!?

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My good friend Steve, former founder of the guild Lotion who spent his life and soul on creating this guild to be the best. Was rudely accused by Dunedan for being a **## after putting a simple smiley face in guild chat.
Steveyo being the bigger man and not starting a ruckus in the guild decided to just quit the guild AFTER he had handed out guild leadership to jepsen because for some reason half the guild didn't like him and crap talked about him behind his back (not sure why, steve's a nice fellow to me. he's sung me songs in skype to help put me to sleep, such a sweet fellow.) to reduce the drama level (since it was involving dunedan, the guy practically rage's like a gorilla who hasn't been fed his daily banana by the zookeeper)

Anyway, lets go beyond the rage of simpleman dune and gorillas for this post, and get back to the topic. After Steveyo left the guild, Dunedan practically forced me to leave the guild telling me to follow him. I'm not sure what this was all about, I had done nothing to him or anyone in the guild. He said something like being sarcastic to officers, and all I did was put a :) in guild chat.

As you might have guessed this made me very sad :( I was being falsely accused of sarcasm, quite rude of him. I asked him a simple question afterwards, if he was an idiot for thinking a smiley face was sarcasm and i got insta gkicked by Catabrae, Australias finest officer. I just want to give everyone who's looking to join the guild Lotion a headsup on the do's and dont's of Lotion. "NOTE" THIS IS TO HELP YOU PLEASE BOOKMARK IF YOU ARE A TRIAL/INTERESTED TO JOIN.

Step 1. Don't use :)'s in guildchat, it will be marked as sarcasm and the officers will be dieing to gkick you (due to catabrae).

Step 2. Praise the triple dps trio of how good they are, getting on their good side is a A+. (Yes I know they're scum for running a braindead comp)

Step 3. Praise Uthred in guild, everyone in the guild seems to think he's the god of god's of this fine cataclysm expansion, Yes even Duneman, Savior of Azeroth thinks he's a god.

Step 4. Be nice to Kreyn he's awesome (Sincerly, he's actually the only cool person of the guild IMO.

Step 5. While we're talking about Kreyn, If you're startrek fan/like toast with peanut butter, Kreyns the guy to talk to. (He's an officer getting on his good side is a GOOD thing. ps. Love you Kreyn seriously I do.)

Step 6. I was actually going to stop at step 5, at this point you should be in the clear. But don't crack jokes about Duneyisaqt's name Someone called him Duneman as I did above in Step 3, and duney wanted him to be gkicked for a being given a nickname.. (Sorry in advance for the reference again Duneman- i mean Duneyisaqt)

Good luck to all of the trials/ future members of Lotion! Msg me in-game, if you have any questions Thanks again and Goodluck future Saviors of Azeroth.
this will be a good night.

Dis gun b gud
Cat's are very hairy creatures, wouldn't you agree?
Yes, yes I would agree Valdin.
07/29/2012 11:21 PMPosted by Valdin
Cat's are very hairy creatures, wouldn't you agree?

Inb4 crying on phone to girlfriend
That is just uncalled for.
preemptively requested sticky.
Wait if :) is sarcasm what is :D
Not sure, when me and steve put the :)'s another put a :D but im not quite sure what happened to him. I hope hes okay!
If anyone needs some popcorn ask Eruptor for some.

I think we should turn this thread into the cute puppy thread
This is now a smiley thread.

<:D Gnome clearly
Oh come on guys! I clearly said in step 1, to NOT use smiley faces! Duneman doesn't appreciate happiness. Considering this whole incident with the girl and the crying..
07/29/2012 11:36 PMPosted by Mattyo
Oh come on guys! I clearly said in step 1, to NOT use smiley faces!



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