Lotion, Mature guild or NOT?!?

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im a sexy gnome :)

Let him vent his rage and being removed from the guild.
about being removed*
Not going to bother going into it, it would take too long to go over every bit of false information in this post, believe what you want to.
False information? You guys raged behind the person who took his time to form this guild, he spent 20k of his own gold for you, and you acted like his friend to take guild leader. Duney, I don't understand why you threatened steve about if he continued to be a douche he was gone, what right do you have? honestly what right? Stop acting like you're high and might duney cause your not. Biggest excuse of a player who thinks hes good at this game. Congratulations getting vanguards to play your toon. I just want to let you know, i reported you for botting.
07/30/2012 12:06 AMPosted by Tealcqt
im a sexy gnome :)

Gnomes are ugly.
Alfred dies.
Just kidding.
Duney I just want you to know that I reported you too, for being so damn sexy.
I lay back, undulating with the rhythm of my embrace, my quivering thighs cascading with moisture...
Lucius Fox dies
07/30/2012 01:47 AMPosted by Eruptor
Lucius Fox dies

I don't even know who that is.

alfred is batman
I stopped, fingers trembling - perspiring from the very core of my being, the pleasure was ecstasy; compiling into a glorious and earthshaking climax.

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