Lotion, Mature guild or NOT?!?

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Draenei warrior shaman

07/30/2012 03:23 AMPosted by Pynakoalas
Draenei warrior shaman


go away gandy
i am a DK Arms Warrior
I am confused after reading this whole thread.
07/30/2012 03:36 AMPosted by Evil
I am confused after reading this whole thread.

thats always a good thing sir
07/30/2012 02:59 AMPosted by Valdin
I see what your attempting to achieve with the brown fox who was quick enough to jump over the lazy dog before getting molested.

Okay, ummm, what is going to occur here is a quick brown fox will jump over a lazy dog, just before he gets molested, Mimiron's Head is reserved and Invisible's rains will be free rolled among regulars.
im thinking of applying and this uthred guy seems pretty legit and i feel really sad that i wont get to apply with u in the guild maybe we can do some pvp together when i hit lvl 85 u seem like u are a very good player and mature putting this post on for a heads up was very thoughtful of u my ninja ( pun on u being a rogue ) would love to talk to u some more could i have ur real id please so i can get to know you better i can tell we are going to make a great team some day

sincerly sean :)
apriix pls go

edit: remember that time we farmed you while you were streaming. was glorious.
hardly farmed me more like fertilized ur team
All this Lotion is making me Moist!
All this Lotion is making me Moist!

I like Turtles.
07/30/2012 05:34 AMPosted by Clearea
All this Lotion is making me Moist!

Cat noises.
Bump for more stories.

07/30/2012 02:36 AMPosted by Kreyyn
Gather around, for I have a story to tell!
Azureprower is the best pvp'er on Saurfang.

I heard lotion gets owned by UC in Darkmoon fair every month ? Is this fact or fiction ????
Also i like how mattyo is getting so involved in other peoples fights its SOOO cute i could pick him up and put him in my bumbag so i would have a little Terrier to back me up in times of doubt.

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