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Have to watch season 2 first. I wait until it comes out on DVD...
07/31/2012 09:12 PMPosted by Riposare
I hope they dont follow the comics for the prison. Its very rough, and it would end the series much quicker than amc would like it to.

Considering what AMC did to the show with season 2, I really don't think they care all that much about it. And come on, the prison story arc is a fan favorite. I imagine they'll tame it down a bit, but there's only like two or three events that I'm really curious about how they'll handle.

08/01/2012 07:04 AMPosted by Conser

Nah I didn't mean that, I was mainly referring to Michonne; the character is out of place in the show that we grew to know. But considering the show started sucking anyway, it's not surprising that it will just continue to go downhill from there. Also, TV Shane is a lot different to comic Shane.

Yeah, TV Shane was more...psychotic than Comic Shane. Also, did you see how Michonne was introduced in the comic? She rescued a minor character, Otis, from getting eaten just outside the prison. It's not too different than what happened in the tv version.

I've heard quite a few people (some who have and others that haven't read the comics) complain about Michonne's introduction... saying that it was too fantastical and unrealistic for the tv series, and that they expected her to pull out a lightsaber or something. Personally, I think they should have waited until episode one of season 3 for her introduction and let people get accustomed to her instead of leaving TV fans with so many questions. I'm guessing they did it that way to give disenfranchised comic fans a reason to be excited/interested in season 3.

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