Hello Lightbringer

I am the Guild Master for Prestors Bane, we have just recently moved to this server and are looking forward to making new friends and building a Guild all of our members can be proud of.

Our former server was dead, not dying but D E A D; no more than 125 players online at peak times. We are a younger guild with both long time players and new players to the game. Our core members are a close group that prides itself on having a relaxed, mature, friendly, and group oriented atmosphere in our Guild. In a nutshell, we like to have fun no matter what we’re doing.

We are looking for active players that are seeking a mature, friendly, helpful and group oriented environment for:

  • Casual 10man raids (2 nights a week)
  • Leveling our Guild once MoP hits
  • PvP Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds
  • Heroic Runs
  • Farming older content for Achievements, mounts and transmog gear.

We have a voice chat server, Guild website, the usual Guild repairs and are very group oriented. Our members’ interests vary but I am sure if you try us out you won’t be disappointed.

If you see one of our members online, say high. We are always looking to make new friends.

Spank you
We recently transferred here as well. Welcome to Lightbringer. :)

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