[H-RP] Animi Causa Acris: Horde UNITE!

Wyrmrest Accord
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The same flyer is found on every bulletin board in every city, village and remote Horde outpost:

Citizens of the Horde, UNITE!

There has been a disgusting trend within our beloved Horde since the balance of power shifted about two years ago. Racism runs rampant, becoming more acceptable by the moment!

Our leaders turn a blind eye as people who are not of Orcish heritage are treated like filth. Trolls withdraw into themselves, once again becoming mistrustful after years of friendship among our peoples. Forsaken are just that, dubious of our intent, as we are of theirs. Proud Tauren return to their bluffs, threatened by their own allies and unsupported in their struggles. Elves hide in their city, splintering and reforming Houses by the day. Let us not forget our newest allies, pushed into back alleys and consistently reminded of their tenuous place among us!

We ALL bleed for the Horde! We ALL have lost loved ones! We ALL have endured the hardships and tragedy of the Cataclysm! Do we not ALL deserve the same rights? Do we not deserve to walk the streets of our fair cities without fear and ridicule? Should we not be able to speak to our "allies" without being beaten or berated for being of the wrong blood?

If you value unity, if you do not wish to see the once great Horde collapse upon itself, or if you simply need sanctuary, seek us out! It does not matter if you are Orc, Troll, Goblin, Tauren, Forsaken, or Sin'Dorei. At Animi Causa Acris you have a home, friends, and allies regardless of your racial background.


So here's the deal: ACA is a brand spankin' new Horde guild led by an altruistic blood elf. The theme/story is currently all about uniting the Horde races. It is no secret that many fine folks on WRA are not too happy with the Horde's cliquish RP, so rather than offer another mercenary or merchant guild, we have provided a direct answer to race specific clans/tribes/houses/cartels/societies.

Let me state that we are not trying to overthrow Garrosh, nor are we anti-orc. Neither are we anti clan/tribe/houses/cartels/misc; we are simply attempting to provide an alternative structure to limited race RP.

Message either Jaxal or myself in game or visit our website to apply!

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I like this idea, and wish you well. Our guild is open to all races, but because we choose to rp as a House...well...
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