MOP Mage Leveling Spec

What a good mage leveling spec and build for MOP?
always frost, 89-90 is a PITA as fire, must have the survivability.

/signed a fire mage
always frost, 89-90 is a PITA as fire, must have the survivability.

/signed a fire mage

Yeah... about half way through 88 right now and I'm having a lot of oh **** moments.
How long is it taking you to level, per level?
I've been going really slow, playing with pet battles, dungeons, etc. along the way. Seems like it'd be pretty similar to how 80-85 was if I were tunneling and not experiencing ridiculous lag every time I was on beta.
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Go arcane until around level 50, and then go frost until 85... or 90 I guess? :S lol

Frost is better than Arcane 85 - 90? =O

This is news to me, can someone please clarify? I don't want to have to respec Frost for MoP, Arcane is my favorite spec for quest leveling and raiding...
Frost tends to be the spec of choice when it comes to levelling because it's got great survivability, is capable of bursting mobs in a more controlled way than Fire on live, and... Well, frankly, which is more important as you level: Potentially killing mobs a few seconds sooner, or drastically upping your chances of surviving contact with that mob (as well as being able to take on multiple mobs on at once)?
I leveled one mage to 90 and another to around 87 trying all 3 specs at various times.

Arcane, gets the job done. but not in the manner you're used to. Mobs have a lot of health and combined with the fact Arcane Charge does not speed up cast time like Arcane Blast debuff does on live, you'll spend a lot of time face tanking. Certainly viable, I just found it to be the slowest. Maybe there are other playstyles that would make it faster.

Frost is a good leveling spec, like always. Lots of control, mobs will never get to you, you can take on 2 or 3 at a time pretty easily. This was the fastest spec for taking on enemies one at a time.

Fire was the quickest leveling spec for me because of the aoe capabilities. You can take advantage of the changes in MoP to really blow through mobs. I would end up pulling 4 or 5 mobs, and then freeze them either with Frost Nova or one of the Level 45 talents. Cast scorch (or any spell you choose) on a frozen mob for a crit via Shatter. Inferno blast for a 2nd crit to proc a Pyro. Target another mob that's still frozen, use your Pyro for a Shatter crit, then Combust, and spread with Inferno Blast. Dragon's breath and they'll be dead or almost dead before the disorient is over. An unglyphed Combustion is on a short enough cooldown to use almost every pull, but still powerful enough to kill a pack of quest mobs with ease.
I found frost to be the fastest.

With fire you are kind of at the mercy of how many crits you can generate to get your instant pyros, even with inferno blast.

Arcane requires a lot of mana management, for your proc to really benefit (arcane missles) you need to have a good amount of arcane charges built up, but that'll deplete your mana quickly.

This youtube video explains each spec very well and shows which one is the best build -
Frost is without a doubt idiot-proof for leveling, but the most boring for me.

Fire and arcane are equally squishy in survival and devastating in damage. The difference lies in spike vs sustained damage. Fire shines on crit damage whereas arcane keeps up the numbers without relying on luck.

I end up with arcane now at level 90 because I hate relying on luck-based mechanics and frost feels boring to me.

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