JS' Hunter Bar Misdirection AddOn

JS' Hunter Bar Misdirection

Curse Link: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/js-hunter-bar-misdirection

There you go. Tested in a couple raids and works very well for me.

If you find any issues, post a comment on the addon and I'll take care of them fast.

I had time to test with blizz frames, ElvUI (so TukUI should be fine) and Grid (newest version, I think a beta).

you can edit config.lua to enable chat messages too. There is no in-game config and none is really needed.

I will probably add the options to an in-game config later, but I'm working on JSHB now.

Let me know what you think, please.

Oh, if you use this with Serenity, you MUST disable the Threat Transfer module in Serenity or this will conflict.

To those of you not following the other thread, JSHB is being re-written.

You can use this with or without JSHB / Serenity, it works on any frames and if it doesn't let me know via comment on the addon and I will fix it.

You can submit feedback and ideas for the new JSHB here:
Thanks JS

IMHO Serenity is the hunter addon, you did the community a big service building it (and JS Hunter Bar before).

Keep up the good work in pandaland
Thanks. JSHB will be Serenity with the unneeded things removed and better options panels when done. I'm just trying to get a raw (non-options) version done for me to test with while playing and then code the options after.

I'm really just keeping the features, making it work better, removing junk.

Also adding in some new stuff to make things function better (like tired of seeing a hunter mark reminder for a mob with 20k health? ;-) )
No, sorry. JS was my name before I quit, then someone hacked the account and deleted my name savers on multiple servers.

I'm still trying to get JS back on Blackhand, but someone (55 Deathknight) has it and there's nothing I can do about it.
Just want to thank you for tjhe work you've done, been using serenity ever since you converted it for hunters, and JSHB before that. Solid addon Id recommend to any hunter.
I totally love your addon. Ever since I first downloaded it, it has made playing a hunter such a breeze. I hope you continue to update this through Mists :)
JS, just adding my thanks as well. In my case you've enabled an average hunter to perform as his maximum potential.

Heh, my guildmates should be thanking you as well!
Thanks all!

Yes, I talked to a support rep and she was the sweetest person, but there were conditions that prevented her from getting me the name. Yes, it's a toon just reserving it, but they are active.

I've managed to talk to the GM of the guild the toon is in and she (Thank You!) is sending the person a message to maybe free the account.

We'll see.

BTW: The people who have been maintaining Serenity after I stopped playing deserve a thanks too. Especially for the ICD code, it's pretty solid.

The new addon is almost done actually. The options are not, they will take a few days though. I'm making things much easier to configure.
I have never been more happy with an addon than I have been with JSHB. I even use it for my druid because it's the only addon with a simple interface that can keep track of my cooldowns and DoTs in one neat location. Many thanks for making big gaming screens easier to handle <3


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