No more mounts

Done selling mounts.

You try to help people out by selling mounts for cheap and all they do is rip you off. Guess my group will go back to deleting mounts.

All players who did not receive a mount yet will get a refund. Since only 1 player paid with TCG codes and only 2 with gold, the rest will be easy to do.

PP and TCG guys will get their refund on Monday, the 20th, when this stupid dispute is done with.

Gold people can trade me at any time for their gold.

Note to future sellers: don't do it. It's not worth the headache.
I'm very interested. I'll hit you up later tonight in-game.
Very interested in purchasing the Firelord + mount!

Will get in touch.

EDIT: Yes I have many horde toons, despite posting on this alliance toon
i also have horde toons i can use
Added you to discuss this further
I added you in game. I want me a firehawk.
Argh, why are these cheap sales always Horde?!
08/02/2012 09:35 AMPosted by Astraeus
Argh, why are these cheap sales always Horde?!

Because they're known to do almost anything for a little bit of money. oh wait, HORDE, nvm wrong idea -.- . free bump for great deals
Still very interested will try again to get in contact with you
Very interested in buying the Hrag mount.

08/01/2012 12:38 PMPosted by Shikai

Any estimates on that? Would prefer not to have to server transfer.

edit: I'll contact you via realid as soon as I get home, Monday.
Dropped you an email. Pls get back to me, cheers!
Sent you a request, interested in a Rag mount/title run
I'd be interested in the firelord+mount if you're still doing this and have available. will send u ingame realid
plz come online been trying to reach u sincelast friday
I'm back - sorry, storm decided to mess with my ISP.

Going through PMs now.
Edit - Some edited text. =P
Sent you a RealID :)
Sent real iD

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