Wyrmrest Accord
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Good afternoon WrA!

H<PROVEN> Lvl 25 is now recruiting new members.
Established in April 2009, we are a casual raiding guild with a focus on 10 man raids and rated battle grounds.
We are new to this server and decided that rather than hopping into a new guild, we would like to continue our adventures together under our banner and start rebuilding in a fresh new place.
We took a well needed break from the game during the 2nd half of Cataclysm. We are back, recharged, refreshed, and ready to leap into Pandaria.
We aim to see all end-game content in Mists. That being said, it must be emphasized that we are a "casual raiding" guild. We do not have a mandatory raid attendance policy; guild members determine their own level of involvement. The more you show up and contribute and show your commitment to the Proven family, the more likely you are to be involved with our raids.

Proven recruits people, not 'toons’. Many of our members are working adults with families and other responsibilities, and we value our friendships within the guild as much as we do downing that next raid boss. In the end, it is the experiences we share with each other that we will remember, not the random loot drops from some on-screen pixels.

If this sounds like your type of guild, them please visit our website and fill out an application for membership. Also feel free to speak to any member in game.
18+ preferred
Website: http://provenx.guildlaunch.com/

Thanks for your time. Cheers!
Bump. Looking for good, fun people to blow stuff up with.
Atal'Proven! Bring in de fon, mon!

9 hours? Lemme see those apps.
Work is boring today.
Agreed. I'd rather run for 3 hrs in a 300 yard circle killing whelplings while my eyes glaze over than be here today.
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Bump for a Great Guild that i have been with for 2 years.
Coming up on my 4 yr mark with the guild. Best group I've ever played with.
It needs to be Friday already.
Looking for more people to stampede into MoP with.
Bump for the best group of people I've played with in my 5 + years. Let's do work.
Whaa?? This cannot be. Back from the dead? Sorry about the chunk taken out of your side my friend. It was taco Tuesday.

^ for more great friends making their way back to Azeroth and WrA!
Cuz 2nd (page) isnt good enough!
We're still looking for more people to join us for MoP and the many adventures it brings us.

Safe word is: SeriouslyBluciferItHurtsNow
Welcome to the server. :)

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