Low dps as a ret pally

I'ne noticed in lfr and hot runs my dps is a bit on the low side on hots I'm either 1st 2nd or lately 3rd dps usually pulling anywhere from 12-18k with an ilvl of 377 (364 equipped)I've also started using an add-on called CLCret but I haven't configured it in anyway (newadin) So to the point, I wanted to know what I could to improve a bit my rotation I don't know ATM but I'll post it soon. Also off-topic but my dps on normal DS was pretty atrocious like maybe top 10 dps
It would help to see your paladin to know if there's any major gear/spec problems.

For gameplay issues, check the Ret sticky: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3657441833
Do you have the 2 piece set? If so you have to use the right setting in clcret.
If you were consistently pulling around 18, I'd say that's fine for mid-T11 gear, but you may actually have a problem. Please post with your Paladin for gear and talent auditing.
Sorry guy posted on my Mage -_- anyways The real issue I think I have is configuring CLCret properly, if anyone knows how to please explain
I have 2 pieces of Immolation gear bought with justice points and the shoulders that dropped during spine of deathwing, and a trinket from lfr DS the rest are all blues I've bought from the AH or got from hot runs
Your dps is low because your equipped item level is 366, have zero enchants, two gems, and the only thing you reforged is a level 308 cloak.

CLC should come with a default setting that was accurate when it was released.
Replaced the cloak.

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